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When I asked Shannon if she and Nathan would consider allowing me to photograph the birth of their newest addition, I was beyond thrilled that she was not only game, but seemed just as excited about it as I was! Let me tell you, this was an AMAZING introduction to birth photography, and I couldn't possibly be more grateful for their adventurous nature!

Can I just tell you that Shannon was clearly BORN to birth babies!!! She made it seem so effortless, even overly joyful, that there were more images of her smiling than in pain! And I won't even get into how there was not even a moment for me (let alone the Dr and nurse!) to collect my thoughts about the angles and images that I wanted to get, because BOOM! there was a baby boy before I could even wrap my mind around her beginning to push!

You can see how overjoyed they were, and even shocked momentarily, that they were welcoming a baby boy into their brood! Such an amazing and touching moment, and I am so blessed to have been welcomed into it!

The sweetness that saturated the room when each member of this beautiful family got to meet and hold this gorgeous new baby boy for the very first time was unbelievable! I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to be witness to it!