Digital negatives, high resolution files, and print releases, oh my!

With each session, you will receive your digital negatives as downloadable files from your online gallery. The best part about these digital negatives is that you do so much with them! You can keep them all to yourself, or you can share with your family and friends. You can use them on social media, to create announcements and invitations, or to creatively display in your home as framed prints, custom albums, canvas wraps, and more! Digital negatives are great because you can choose to print from them whenever you want. Additionally, you'll have those negatives for your own safe keeping. Years from now your prints may fade, but you can easily have more made up from your negatives.

With each session, will also receive a limited copyright print release, which gives you printing permission at a printer of your choice. Please ask for a list of recommended and non-recommended printers. This release does not include permission to alter, publish, market, sell, or enter any images into contests without prior written consent from McCoy Artwork.

If you choose, I can also order prints and a variety of products for you from the vendors that I go through for my own products. If you would like a list of prices, please contact me for further info.