Their History:
Tyler and Brie have known each other since kindergarten, and have been dating for 7 years! They met at church, attended elementary school together, but then ended up going to different middle schools. They crossed paths here and there at Eder park where they played baseball and softball, and then reunited again in high school where their friendship caught on fire- A true high school sweethearts story! During their final months as seniors, Tyler asked Brie to the prom, and that April they began their real journey together! After attending Cecil College together, while Tyler played golf, and Brie played softball, they transferred to Salisbury University- their home away from home! Brie is now finishing up her Masters Degree at West Chester University, while Tyler is coaching Bohemian Manor High School boys varsity soccer. They are now engaged and are ready to embark on a wonderful life together!

Their Engagement Story:
Tyler contacted me about surprising Brie with a proposal in Chesapeake City, surrounded by cute shops, beautiful water, and their loving family hiding in a restaurant across the street under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge! While Brie and I chatted about the "ice skating and gift exchange" plan that brought them to town, Tyler walked ahead to the Pell Garden gazebo, and waited on bent knee for his high school sweetheart to come around the corner. As you can see in the images, Brie was the perfect combination of surprised, elated, and overjoyed as she said yes, and was then surrounded by family and blessings galore!

What drives their love for each other:
Brie: I love Tyler's patience, perseverance, hugs, and friendship!
Tyler: I love Brie's laugh, smile, and companionship.

But most importantly, their love for Jesus Christ is what centers their relationship!