After visiting Swan Harbor with Amanda over a year ago, I was eagerly waiting along with them for the arrival of their Wedding Day! It is such a gorgeous location, and since Amanda and Josh both have such easy-going and genuine personalities, I knew it was going to be an amazing day surrounded by people who loved greatly, and have fun with intensity! Weddings are always fast paced and full of emotion, but my favorite times are always the quiet ones where pure joy shows up in the form of raw emotion that seems to freeze time for just that moment- and the Kempa's did not disappoint! Amanda and Josh exchanged notes in notebooks that I made for them as a cute little keepsake, and it was completely endearing to witness their reactions as they each read words from the other's heart. I felt truly honored to catch a glimpse of how deeply and intentionally they love one another. Amanda also chose to surprise her Father with a first look that floored him, and sent them into a beautifully emotional embrace to remember. Another favorite moment was Amanda and Josh's first dance, with moments of goofy faces, laughter and tears all wrapped up into a gorgeous demonstration of a relationship of trust and joy. Other highlights included an incredibly popular candy bar, some pretty fantastic dance moves by the wedding party and guests alike, and a humorous last gulp from the flasks of the groom and his groomsmen as his bride met him at the end of the aisle! Amanda and Josh's day was certainly a picture perfect one; filled with wide open skies over a gorgeous venue, friends and family who wore their love and support on their sleeves, and an adorable and energetic little ring bearer who certainly knew how to put on the charm! Congratulations Amanda and Josh! I pray for many years of goofy, endearing, sentimental, and genuine wedded bliss!