After viewing your gallery, please follow the steps below to select your images:

1. Choose "Select Photos" and select the 7-10 images you would like as digital downloads.
2. Select “Add to Favorites”.
3. Choose “My Selection” in the top left corner, which will bring you to a new screen with a gallery of your selected images only.
4. In the top left corner there will now be a button that says “Send to…” where you can put in your info, which will send me a notification with the selected images.
5. I will unlock your selected images for you, and will send you a confirmation that they are ready to be downloaded!

If you would like to add additional digital downloads to the number that was included in your chosen package, please include them in your original selection, and then include the new number in the “Message” box of your selection message. Additional digital downloads are priced as follows, and will be invoiced through PayPal to the email address that you provide:

+1 to +4 additional images are $10 per digital download.
+5 to +9 additional images are $8 per digital download.
+10 or more images are $5 per digital download.