Everyone wants to look their absolute best in their photos, so I have created this little guide to help you on your path to making the perfect choices for your session!


Things to Keep in Mind

Choosing Colors. Try to choose colors that work well together without looking too matchy-matchy. Choosing hues within the same color family is a much better choice, will be easier on the eyes, and will create a sense of unity in your images (for example: shades of cool temperature colors, or neutrals like tan and white).

Choosing Clothing Style. Let your personality shine through your style choices. Layered looks are usually great choices in all situations because they can provide for more options on the spot, or feel free to bring along another outfit to create more variety in your gallery!

Simple and Flattering is Best. Don’t over do it with bold patterns or excessive accessories. Solids and dark colors are always the most flattering. In addition, fitted clothing that doesn’t hang off of your body creates a more flattering silhouette and tends to prevent awkward puckering.

Consider your location. Outfit choices should also coordinate with the environment of your session. A session in the woods would be complimented with natural, earthy tones. A beach session always looks great when paired with cool colors, neutrals, or whites. An urban area looks great with brighter colors or a more dressed-up approach.

Choosing Props. Another fun way to make your session unique and fun is to bring along some props for us to consider, but don't over-think it! You could bring along items like a blanket to sit on, lay on, or snuggle under, flowers, balloons, heirloom items, or anything else that makes your relationships unique or items that are special to you!

Everyone loves bribery. Is there a member of your group that is less than ecstatic about getting their picture taken? Bring along rewards or distractions that would be useful in creating genuine smiles (think candy, bubbles, music, or a favorite toy!)

Other Tips:

  • Clothing with logos or writing on them can be very distracting and create problems with posing
  • Neon colors never turn out well on camera
  • Try to eliminate anything from your styling choices that might be distracting
  • Don't bring too many complicated props- keep it simple so the pictures are natural
  • Don't feel like you need to perform in front of the camera- be yourself! The best pictures are always have a timeless feel, with natural smiles and poses!


Bottom Line… Be comfortable and be prepared to have fun! If you are comfortable and are having a good time, it will show in your images! If you are on the fence about an outfit or prop idea, please feel free to chat with me about beforehand, send me a picture, or bring it along to the session for some advice! I would love to help you create a look that suits your style, but also looks fantastic on camera!



When we talk before your session, we will discuss locations and what would best suit the overall look you want from them for your images. Your style and personality should always shine through, so I want to be sure to match the right environment with your personal style! The details you provide will help me decide whether to place you in a modern urban setting, a natural open field, or the backyard of your home, because I want your final images to represent the real you!