Why is custom photography such a costly investment?

Please keep in mind that the money that you invest in photography covers much more than just the time frame that you booked for your session. You are also investing in countless hours behind the scenes. This time includes our communications, travel time, session or event time, file handling and organizing of images, custom editing of individual images, post processing and selecting images, uploading to the web and into a viewing gallery, preparing images for delivery or download, and more! The typical 1-hour photo session will then be coupled with approximately 4-5 hours worth of post-session work to create the memories that you will treasure.


Your package also includes any pre-session consultation time we spend discussing and planning your portrait experience. Even before your session starts, I can offer suggestions about what to wear, tips and tricks for a great shoot, and how to get the most out of our time together!


Your session investment also represents my time and talent. I research, practice techniques, invest financially, and spend an immeasurable amount of time honing my skills to create images that are lasting and memorable. I don’t merely grab my camera and hope for some lucky shots; I create the picture I want before I even touch the equipment, and then I capture that image.


There are so many important moments in your life, and investing in custom photography will provide you with invaluable evidence of the most memorable milestones of your journey!


Bottom line….please do not settle by making your photography choice based on the cheapest package with the least expensive photographer or department store company. Find a photographer that you connect with, whose abilities you are confident in, who understands your vision, and who can capture the value in your journey and translate it into amazing memories for years to come!